Martin Richard


Hello, I'm Martin

I am a French computer engineer. I focus on system & network engineering, but I sometimes enjoy playing around higher levels of the stack. I do many things, from system administration and maintenance to system design and programming. I am especially interrested in automation, reliability and performance.

I'm fluent in Python, but I also program in Java, C and many other languages. I'm experienced in SRE and large-scale systems operation for the web.

After 7 years in Paris, I'm now living in Zurich where I work for Google.

I am an amateur baker, cook, cyclist and rock climber.

My contact infos are on the home page.


I am SRE-SE (that's Site Reliability Engineer, System Engineering) at Google Since June 2019.

I worked for 2 years at Criteo as a Senior Dev/Ops. I was part of the team maintaining Kafka in production (around 300 servers in 5 datacenters). I worked on the data processing pipeline, a high-performance C# driver for Kafka, monitoring tools, and led a complex migration of our infrastructure.

I spent 3 years at Alwaysdata, a shared and private-managed hosting company. I wrote several system libraries and software for the infrastructure. This includes a library to manage processes isolation (based on Linux' cgroups) and a HTTP reverse proxy in Python with Asyncio.

Before that, I worked on many things, like a remote-desktop app for iPad built with an experimental port of Qt, websites in PHP and Javascript, Flash apps, …

Personal life

I am an amateur baker (I bake traditional French bread weekly), and coffee enthusiast.

I listen to a lot of music, but I don't play an instrument. I love cinema, enjoy video games.